A survey of 2,000 employed women in the UK has found that a considerable 16% are currently holding down more than one job. Strikingly, 3% were also found to have three or more jobs, which is quite an astonishing figure. If generalised to the entire UK population, these figures would equate to 2.24 million women having more than one job, with 420,000 having at least three different roles.

What could improve the situation?

It was revealed in the survey that 75% of women who did not have flexible working hours wish they did. 72% also believed that such flexible working would have a positive effect on their life. Specifically, 26% stated that it would reduce their level of stress, while 15% believed it would make them work more productively. Therefore, it is clear that if women are to be tasked with juggling more than one role, flexible working would be a welcomed addition for them.

Why are so many women doing this?

These findings prompt the question, why are so many women feeling like they want/need to have more than one job?

Predictably, the most popular answer to this question was to earn more money, with 64% giving this response. However, there were other reasons to explain it. 29% said they wanted to learn new skills, 23% desired experience in working in a new environment, while 15% claimed that one of the roles was a side hobby.

Therefore, as a recruiter, it is becoming more important to ask female candidates about this issue. Clearly, if a female is looking to have more than one role, it will affect their ability to carry out all the necessary requirements. So make sure you touch on this when determining the suitability of an individual for your role!

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