7 Benefits of AI in Cyber Security

There are many concerns being cited about the use of AI within the Cyber Space….but let’s talk about some of the Benefits!
1. Detecting Vulnerabilities within Network Traffic by Analysing Patterns in Network Traffic Data, AI Systems can Identify Potential Threats & Alert Cyber Security Professionals.
2. Analysing a Large Amount of Data for Potential Threats. This can be particularly useful in Identifying Threats that might not be immediately obvious to Human Analysts.
3. Automating Routine Tasks to make them Less Time Consuming.
4. Automatically Patching & Updating Systems, freeing up Cyber Security Professionals to focus on more complex tasks.
5. Generating Reports & Alerts, Providing Valuable Information to Help Inform Cyber Security Decisions.
6. Improving the Speed & Accuracy of Threat Detection & Response, AI can Help to Reduce the Impact of Cyber Attacks.
7. Improving Efficiency of Cyber Security Operations, freeing up Valuable Time & Resources for Other Tasks.