W E L C O M E  T O



300 Billion

IN 2024

Projected passwords will be in use Globally.

$11.5 Million


Of Ransomware Attack is Projected to reach by 2024.

22.5 Billion


Projected to be in use Globally by 2024.

$4.2 Million


Of a Data Breach is Projected to reach by End of 2024.

$6 Trillion

IN 2024

it is Projected that Cyber-Attacks will cause in damage.


Secure welcomes diversity amongst its employees and seeks to ensure that all candidates for employment are treated fairly. Slection is based solely based on the indevidual’s abilities and qualifications. The recruitment process must result in the selection of the most suitable person for the job only. We are committed to the principle of equality of opportunity. Our recruitment procedures for recruiting and selecting indivisuals for all positions is detailed below.


The Selection Process will be carried out consistently for all jobs at all levels. Selection Criteria for all positions will be clearly defined and reflected in the further particulars sent to applicants which will also include details of the company’s commitment to equality of opportunity. Job Qualifications or Requirements which would have the effect of inhibiting Applications from members of particular groups, such as persons of a particular Religion, Marital Status or Sexual Orientation, persons of a particular Racial Group, persons within a certain Age Bracket or those with a Disability, will not be demanded or imposed except where they are justifiable in terms of the job to be done.


To remain competitive in today’s market, we have developed a highly effective Networking Recruitment Campaign, we participate in Traditional & Non-Traditional Networking Activities. At Secure we understand that one advertisement method is not enough, that is why Networking is essential to maintaining an adequate workforce level for our company.
At Secure we utilise all our Social Media Platforms. LinkedIn being the predominant Platform to Network & Connect with potential “Passive & Active” Candidates. We also use Twitter & Facebook to reach out to Potential Recruits & Candidates and engage with them.
At Secure we participate in Online Job Forums & Events. We believe Online Job Forums & Events are a great way to meet potential Candidates and Build Relationships with them. These events also provide a platform for us to discuss topics related to Cyber Security Recruitment

At Secure we also work with Referrals as they are one of the best ways to find the Right Talent. We sometimes request our Existing Contacts for Referrals, and we make sure to thank them for the Referral.

At Secure we believe it is important to build relationships with potential Candidates & Clients. We stay in touch and show that we genuinely care about their career and are interested in learning more about their experience and goals. By staying in touch with potential Candidates & Clients, we create a positive impression and nurture relationships that could lead to Hiring opportunities down the road.


The Selection Process will be carried out consistently for all jobs at all levels. All those handling applications and conducting interviews must be aware of the National & State Principles which cover Equal Employment Opportunities and Anti-Discrimination. The selection of New Employees will be based on job requirements and the individual’s suitability and ability to do the job and information sought from Candidates will relate only to the qualifications for or requirements of the job.


The Stakeholders responsible for Shortlisting, interviewing and making or recommending an appointment will be clearly informed of the Selection Criteria and the need for consistency. Wherever possible, at least two people will interview applicants and all questions will relate to the selection criteria. No questions will be based on age, assumptions about roles in the home and the family or the assumed suitability of different Ethnic Groups for the post in question.