New Phishing Campaign Deploys WARMCOOKIE Backdoor Targeting Job Seekers

Cybersecurity researchers have disclosed details of an ongoing phishing campaign that leverages recruiting- and job-themed lures to deliver a Windows-based backdoor named WARMCOOKIE. WARMCOOKIE appears to be an initial backdoor tool used to scout out victim networks and deploy additional payloads. The backdoor comes with capabilities to fingerprint infected machines, capture screenshots, and drop more […]

Uncovering High Street Bank’s Mobile App & Online Security Gaps

In today’s digital age, Online & Mobile Banking have become the norm for millions of customers in the UK. However, a recent 2024 Report by the respected consumer magazine “Which?” has raised alarming concerns about the security measures implemented by some of the country’s major high street banks. The report scrutinized the Mobile App & […]

Future EU Virtual Cybersecurity Center to Receive Secure Communication System From Indra

Spanish defense contractor Indra will integrate a secure communication system to withstand quantum computer attacks into the European Commission’s upcoming virtual cyber risk management center. The project is part of a 2023 program launched with a Leonardo-led consortium for new digital infrastructure with real-time tracking capability to protect against cyber criminal groups. The resulting solution […]

Lancaster University and National Cyber Force deliver ‘hackathon’

A University in Lancashire teamed up with the government’s National Cyber Force (NCF) to deliver a ‘hackathon’ event for the cyber experts of the future. The event, the first of its kind delivered by the NCF, saw some of the North West’s brightest young cyber talent put to the test at Lancaster University. Held within […]

Roku says more than 500,000 accounts impacted in Cyber Attack!

Streaming service provider Roku said on Friday it identified a second cyberattack that impacted about 576,000 additional accounts while investigating a breach that affected 15,000 user accounts earlier this year. The company, which had more than 80 million active accounts, said the hackers did not gain access to any sensitive information such as full credit […]

Vet Group CVS Warns Over Risk to Personal Information in Cyber Attack

One of the UK’s largest vet groups has told regulators about a possible breach of personal information after it was hit by a cyber-attack. CVS Group said hackers had gained unauthorised external access to a limited number of its IT systems. The company continued to have problems with slow-running systems on Monday after disruption across […]


The Rise of Generative AI & Its Limitless Potential Artificial Intelligence (AI) has captivated the world, and our first encounter with its power has likely been through ChatGPT when it was first released on 30th November 2022. This remarkable tool acquired 100 Million Users in less than two months, the fastest Sign-Up Rate ever witnessed, […]

7 Benefits of AI in Cyber Security

There are many concerns being cited about the use of AI within the Cyber Space….but let’s talk about some of the Benefits! 1. Detecting Vulnerabilities within Network Traffic by Analysing Patterns in Network Traffic Data, AI Systems can Identify Potential Threats & Alert Cyber Security Professionals. 2. Analysing a Large Amount of Data for Potential […]

Navigating the Complexities of Cybersecurity in the Digital Age

In today’s digital age, cybersecurity is a paramount concern for global treasury management. As financial transactions become increasingly reliant on digital platforms, the evolution of cyber threats underscores the urgency for robust cybersecurity measures. However, the landscape of treasury management worldwide is fraught with challenges, as organizations struggle to safeguard sensitive financial data against sophisticated […]

Tackling Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities through Secure by Design

Today’s Secure by Design paper shares Google’s years of experience using the concept to “build security in” during the design of a software product and throughout the development lifecycle, rather than “bolting it on” afterwards. We offer four principles for Secure by Design for software design, development and deployment: User/customer-centric design: we consider our products in […]