Major Cyber Attacks, Data Breaches, Ransomware Attacks

The massive ransomware attacks on MGM and Caesars Entertainment clearly dominated all conversation about cybersecurity in September 2023.

Attacks on casinos and hotels always get a more than fair share of attention, they’re dramatic, involve a lot of money, cause direct inconvenience to customers, make for interesting press, all the pandemonium that cyber criminals tend to love. No wonder casino heists also form the plots of several potboilers.

Yet, while these attacks were the most spoken of, they were far, far from being the only samples of cyber crime in the month gone by. Schools, city councils, kids snacks, government ministries, healthcare organisations, dating apps, electricity grids, charitable organisations and crypto businesses are just some of the many victims that emerged through our research. Airbus, SONY, Air Canada, Pizza Hut Australia and even Save the Children were compromised in one way or the other. The alarming thing here is that of all these big names were breached in just one month, such is the rapid rise in the rate of cyber crime across the globe. Nobody and we mean absolutely nobody can now afford to be relaxed about their cybersecurity. It’s time to gather forces, ramp up protection and bolster defences with urgency.