New guidance launching to help small organisations to use online services more securley

Small organisations have become increasingly dependent on online services for their day-to-day IT tasks. Many organisations adopted these online services also known as ‘cloud services as staff transitioned to home-working as a result of the pandemic, and they continue to rely on them for home or hybrid based work.

Today, we are launching our new guidance tailored for small organisations. This is specifically written for small and medium sized enterprises SMEs, who may be overwhelmed by our existing cloud security guidance which is aimed squarely at IT professionals and contains a lot more technical details. Our new guidance will help SMEs use online services more securely, so that they’re less likely to be the victim of a cyber attack.

As the guidance explains, many SMEs already rely on online services for day-to-day tasks, even if they’re not aware of it. This includes email and instant message communications, cloud storage, website/shop hosting, online accounting and invoicing, or simply using social media to engage with customers. How long could your business operate without these critical functions if you couldn’t log onto your computers as a result of a ransomware attack? Or if you were locked out of an online account?

If you rely on any of these services, it’s important that they are set up in such a way that they’re safe from online risks, whilst also reflecting your organisation’s priorities. Reputable service providers make it easy for you to do this, and will often provide useful ‘getting started’ tutorials and guides, such as for organisations using Google Workspace Security checklist for small business or Microsoft 365.