The Crucial Need for Cyber Security Awareness Training in Retail.

Cyber security is a concern for all industries, but retail is quickly becoming one of the most targeted industries. Companies in this sector often have part-time workers who feel less involved in their workplace’s mission and goals and are more vulnerable to cyber threats.

From logistics to staffing and physical security, a large portion of tasks executed within a retail store are executed by third-party vendors. This connectivity opens doors to potential cyber threats, from full system shutdown via ransomware to more subtle personal or payment information theft.

The statistics on third-party breaches are so high that it is safe to say one of your partners has been breached in the last 24 months.
The retail industry also has access to sensitive customer information, especially if they have a reward program. The potential payment information alone makes retail stores attractive targets for cyber criminals.

Retail stores have a high turnover rate and deal with many different purveyors. This leads to dangerous situations like a novice employee ordering stock with company funds or updating point-of-sale software. These routine tasks can quickly create cyber risks if employees aren’t trained properly.

If executed correctly, establishing a cyber security culture in your workplace can be a fun and rewarding experience for your employees. Cyber security awareness training can also foster a sense of belonging since your workforce will feel more involved in the company’s future. A good program will also allow you to identify highly engaged employees who might be ready for advancement within the company.