Dumfries & Galloway NHS Patient Data Stolen in Cyber Attack Published on Dark Web

A large volume of data stolen during a cyber attack on a Scottish health board has been published by a ransomware group. Cyber criminals accessed a significant amount of data including patient and staff-identifiable information during the attack on NHS Dumfries and Galloway which began at the end of February. Data relating to a small […]

From today, Internet Enabled Devices Must Meet new Cyber Security Standards by Law!

New legislation in the UK requires manufacturers of smart products to implement minimum security standards against cyber threats. The Department for Science, Innovation and Technology (DSIT) has put into force new regulations stipulating that all internet-enabled smart devices, from phones and broadband routers to games consoles and connected fridges, must meet minimum security standards. This […]

The Crucial Need for Cyber Security Awareness Training in Retail.

Cyber security is a concern for all industries, but retail is quickly becoming one of the most targeted industries. Companies in this sector often have part-time workers who feel less involved in their workplace’s mission and goals and are more vulnerable to cyber threats. From logistics to staffing and physical security, a large portion of […]

New Year, New Tech. The Latest Protection for the Latest Tech!

How to protect your new tech? Broadly speaking, you can protect most of your tech with a handful of steps. Whether it’s a new Wi-Fi router, smartwatch, or even a connected fridge, they can all benefit from the following basics.   Use strong, unique passwords When it’s time to set up a new account or device, […]

What Is Splunk & What Is It Used For?

What Is Splunk? In today’s data driven cyber landscape, organizations across the globe are faced with an ever increasing volume of data from various assets and network infrastructure. To harness the power of this data and enable cyber resilience, they need tools and technologies that can help them collect, analyze, and visualize the logs and […]

6 Signs That Your Cybersecurity Posture Needs an Upgrade

In today’s digital age, cybersecurity is not just a buzzword- it’s a critical necessity, especially as cyber threats grow in complexity and frequency. Companies must constantly evaluate and upgrade their cybersecurity measures. This is where ISO 27001 plays a pivotal role in providing a structured framework for assessing, implementing, monitoring, and continually improving an organisation’s […]

What Can You Do with a Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity?

An graduate certificate in cybersecurity is a versatile qualification that opens up a realm of exciting career opportunities. This credential is unique; it’s more than just a standard certificate in cybersecurity. It’s tailor-made for IT professionals who already hold a bachelor’s degree, be it in computer science or a completely different field like art history. […]

Ransomware and the Cyber Crime Ecosystem

Ransomware has been the biggest development in cyber crime. Ransomware’s defining feature is that it encrypts data on victims’ systems until a payment is made. Since IT systems are now ubiquitous, ransomware attacks can be truly devastating for victims and their customers, which is why it remains the most acute cyber threat for UK businesses […]

Mitigating Cybersecurity Risks In Business Communications

The connection between cybersecurity and business communications is undeniably critical in the current digital landscape. With growing reliance on digital platforms, companies are at a higher risk of cyber threats that can jeopardize data and disrupt services. This highlights the importance of strong security in all business communication. Effective communication technologies are crucial but bring […]